Cate Avalon is a suburban soccer mom with an overactive imagination. She’s been writing stories since she was a teenager. In high school, Cate had a teacher who asked students to write a modern version of a Canterbury Tale. She chose The Knight’s Tale and her love of storytelling was born.

For inexplicable reasons, Cate is currently obsessed with the Great British Bake Off and the Masked Singer—probably because she cannot bake without burning something or carry a tune without offending the local canine population. Ever hopeful, she believes it is never too late to learn new things. Jumping outside your comfort zone makes life a little more interesting. That doesn’t mean she’ll take up bungee jumping anytime soon, but Cate would love to learn how to make dandelion wine and a good shortbread cookie.

She has worked an eclectic variety of jobs including as a lifeguard, swim instructor, cashier, high school teacher, GED tutor, grant writer, and domestic engineer. An avid reader with a slight addiction to iced tea and salted caramel, Cate lives with her family in Northeast Ohio. When she’s not reading or writing, she likes to swim, explore the local park system, or wander through the nearby museums.

Cate holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. She is a member of the Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.